Website analysis & Google analytics

Website analysis

To be able to take the right decisions regarding your online marketing efforts and strategies, it is crucial to have good insight into the performance of your site. A typical first phase is to define micro and macro goals, aligned with the overall company strategy, and determine what you want to measure and how. For existing sites it is also extremely useful to perform a complete audit to map out the prevailing situation. After complete configuration, typically in Google Analytics which is a free and powerful analytics tool, it is important to set up the right reports and decide what has to be followed up month to month.

Trois-Soixante provides companies with complete analytics services and we strive to work long-term with our clients to be able to generate continuous improvements. Here are some examples of analytics services we provide:

  • Definition of what to be measured and how, in accordance with your company strategies and objectives
  • Configuration of the above defined parameters in Google Analytics
  • Trois-Soixante can help you to measure the impact and give actionable analyses of Social media campaigns, website content (different types, word-count), email marketing, visitor behavior and much more
  • We always make sure to measure goals and KPIs and create custom reports for our clients and follow up with them monthly to achieve continuous improvements

Google analytics

Google Analytics is the most commonly used web analysis tool around, and it is free of charge. While it’s pretty easy and straight forward to get started with basic analysis in Google Analytics, it can get complicated if you want to use more advanced functionality like measuring goals and conversion funnels, tracking on-site events, segmenting of users and content, etcetera. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Analytics or using it every day, Trois-Soixante can help you out with, for example, the following:

  • Configuration of basic settings for tracking user behavior, traffic sources etc.
  • Tracking performance of your online campaigns
  • Measuring goals, KPIs and conversion funnels
  • Configuration of Ecommerce tracking if you sell online
  • Customized reports and dashboards
  • Advanced analyses and integrations
  • Advice and strategies and much more.

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