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Why choose Trois-Soixante?

We are a technological web-focused company that generates increased results for our clients by combining specialist online-marketing competence and drive of young talents with an overall understanding of businesses from many years of experience within multiple industries.

Our clients usually appreciate that we can provide them with a complete solution for their online needs; Web design & Development (building or improvement of web sites, ecommerce sites, responsive designs etc.) as well as Online Marketing (e.g. SEO, Google Ads, conversion optimization, analytics) to increase their sales and profit.

We also get a lot of positive feedback for the way we adapt to the needs and budgets of our clients and how we create custom made solutions to match them. Lastly you should choose Trois-Soixante thanks to our transparency and that we always report results monthly or even weekly at your request. We believe firmly in long-lasting relationships with our clients to be able to create continuous growth and improvement for their business.

How much does it cost?

Our objective is always to maximize our clients’ results and ROI. Without knowledge of your particular goals and situation we cannot answer the question of what it costs, but contact us through email, phone or the form on this site and we’ll provide you with a quote as soon as within 24 hours.

For our online-marketing clients we usually work with continuous contracts, our minimum for such a contract is normally $750 per month. However, we also sometimes do one-time efforts and shorter projects, for which it is usually possible to come to a price understanding in a first meeting.

The prices for website design and development can vary a lot depending on multiple factors, e.g. quantity of content, complexity of site, degree of interactivity, scope of our workload vs our clients etc. In general, however, the starting price for building a website is $1200.

What’s the advantage with a continuous engagement?

Based on many years of experience the most efficient way of working with us is on a continuous basis. There are many reasons as to why:

  • For an ultimate result we like to work closely with our clients, giving strategic advice all the way from the budgeting and planning phases to the execution of specific campaigns.
  • The longer we work together the better we get to know your company and its people and processes, which increases the efficiency.
  • With time we also increase our knowledge about your business and industry, which allows us to improve our solutions and results.
  • Long-term collaboration also provides the opportunity to continuously follow up with reports and update goals, which is important to be able to keep improving.
  • We can also provide larger analytics and strategy efforts, for which the costs can be spread out over a longer time-span.
  • When working with you for a longer period of time we can also provide you with invaluable market intelligence data that we collect from our analysis tools, e.g. competitor activity, market trends etc.

We don’t have to sign any gigantic, long contracts. However, we might need a specific contract period in the start-up phase of a project or when performing a large strategical effort to be able to spread out costs.

Otherwise we just want to work with you as long as you want to work with us!

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Trois-Soixante / Quebec

5185, Avenue Royale
Boischatel, QC
G0A 1H0

Phone: 418.687.3517
Email: quebec@trois-soixante.com

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