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For most companies, especially SMEs, clients in the close geographical proximity are very often the most important. One reason for this could be that it is easier to build trust or collaborate with someone that is in the same location as you are, even though you might not have to see them to perform your service or sell your products. Another and much more evident reason is that you have to visit the client for the business transaction to be carried out, and thereby save time if they are close, for example a painter that has to go to his customer’s house to paint it. Lastly it could also be the opposite; that the customer has to come to you for the product or service to be delivered, as is the case with for example restaurants, retail stores and beauty salons.

In all these cases, but particularly the last, local SEO is an efficient tool to take up more space in search engines when a local search is made and especially show up on all the different map programs that potential customers search in when they are on the run and want to find the closest provider of what they are looking for. Trois-Soixante takes care of all your local SEO needs and we perform among other things the following:

  • Optimization of your Google My Business pages and their integration with Google+ page, Analytics and Google Ads
  • Configuration and optimization of your business pages for Bing, Yelp and Apple maps
  • Analysis and registration in any relevant business directories for your particular business

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