Conversion optimization

Many specialists agree that the most important factor for increasing your online profitability is conversion optimization – if you don’t get people to convert on your website it doesn’t matter how much effort and money you spend on getting them there.

First of all it is worth mentioning that a lot of websites, probably the majority, don’t even have conversion goals. Many companies see their website simply as a company presentation page, which may cause them to miss out on substantial business opportunities. Instead it is important to identify what action you want your users to take when they’re on your site – to create a purpose of the website.

It could be as simple as sending in a contact form or a request for a proposal, or it could be to actually buy a service or a product. Many times a website could have several conversion goals. Once the website has a purpose it is time to set up a strategy for how to get people to fulfill it, and that is what we call conversion optimization. Trois-Soixante provides a wide range of services for conversion optimization, for example:

  • Analysis of the conversion paths taken by the users on your site to be able to identify where in the process you may lose potential customers, and then make necessary improvements
  • Optimization of website content to give the users the right information to be able to take a conversion decision
  • Creation and optimization of landing pages that increase the likeliness of conversions
  • Testing, measuring, analyzing and improving

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