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If set-up efficiently and if continuously optimized, online marketing can help your company to reach new levels and to increase your revenue and profitability.

Trois-Soixante helps companies to establish and improve their online presence by strategic and efficient solutions. The first step is usually to perform an analysis of your current situation, your needs, your target market and also the competition to be able to implement a structured and feasible strategy.

Subsequently we put together a custom made solution for your online presence, with the aim to generate quality traffic to your website and to maximize conversions, all in line with your overall company goals. Our online marketing team will also provide reports and follow up with you for 100% transparency on results, actions and changes. This will also allow us to measure the efficiency of adopted strategies and find new solutions to achieve continuous improvement.

  • Development of strategic and efficient solutions which are in line with your company goals, and will increase your revenue and profit.
  • Increase the number of quality visitors to your site by the use of SEO strategies and PPC.
  • Improve the perception of your brand by managing your online presence.
  • Monthly or even weekly reporting of results, actions and changes for continuous improvement and complete transparency.
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Trois-Soixante / Montréal

Trois-Soixante / Montreal

7240, Waverly Street, Suite 101
Montreal, QC
H2R 2Y8

Phone: 514.687.3898

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Trois-Soixante / Québec

Trois-Soixante / Quebec

5185, Royale Avenue
Boischatel, QC
G0A 1H0

Phone: 418.687.3517

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Trois-Soixante / Stockholm

Trois-Soixante / Stockholm

Ulriksborgsgatan 7
112 18 Stockholm

Phone: +46 721 767009

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