Increase your conversions at low cost with Gmail Ads

20 October 2015
Increase your conversions at low cost with Gmail Ads

Target customers based on the content of their inbox with Gmail ads in Google AdWords

Gmail ads in Google AdWords allow you to target your audience in a completely new way and communicate with potential customers using engaging visuals at a place they come back to several times per day. Apart from the regular advantages of AdWords campaigns – like cost-per-click pricing, conversion tracking, demographic targeting, etcetera – Gmail ads provide the possibility of targeting based on URLs or keywords found in the inbox of the user.

Reach your segment of 900 million Gmail users worldwide  

It is well-known that email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to drive conversions and engage your customers. 86% of people around the globe use email more than any other form of digital communication. Google AdWords now offers the possibility to reach so many more of your target customers than those who subscribe to your company newsletters and emails. Gmail has 900 million users worldwide, who in combination with a highly efficient targeting model can be reached to build brand awareness, drive online sales and grow loyalty.

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Target people based on keywords or domains that appear in their Gmail inbox

Possibly the best feature of Gmail ads through Google AdWords are the targeting options. On top of the regular AdWords-Display targeting, like gender, device, topic/affinity, age, geo and language, you can with Gmail ads also target people by keywords or domains (URLs) that appear in their inbox. Domain targeting opens up a whole new possibility to reach people who for example subscribe to your competitors’ newsletters or receive emails from key sites for your industry. The keyword option also lets you target the people that discuss your product or service and really are interested.


Marie has launched a company that sells women’s clothing online and ships all throughout Canada. Competition is fierce, with a lot of really large competitors that have most of the market share. Marie knows that these companies constantly send out newsletters to their customers. She also knows about the most popular blogs for her industry, which also send out newsletters to their followers. With this knowledge Marie decides to launch her Gmail campaign targeting people that receive emails from all the competitors and blogs. Since she is running a sale on dresses she creates a visual focusing on this product segment and she decides to also specifically target people by dress-related inbox keywords.

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What do the ads look like?

The Gmail ads appear in the promotions tab, which allows for reaching customers mainly in a commercial mindset. The ads are shown in their collapsed shape at the top with a logo, a subject line and a short line of text. When clicked, the expanded ad opens up displaying the visual for 100% impact. The creative should be adapted to your marketing objective, whether it is to increase brand awareness or generate online sales.

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Main advantages with Gmail ads

For a full understanding of all the features and advantages with Gmail ads, please contact Trois-Soixante today. Here are the main ones:

  • Domain targeting: Targeting people by domains that appear in their inbox (competitors, industry blogs, etc)
  • Inbox-keyword targeting: Targeting people based on keywords that appear in their inbox
  • Reaching people where they spend the most time – their Email inbox
  • Highly engaging visual ad format that can reach opening rates of up to 6.6% on average
  • Standard CPC AdWords pricing with comparable costs to Display campaigns
  • Frequency capping that allows you to decide how many times every user will see your ad

If you want help setting up Gmail ads for your business, please contact us on or 514.687.3898. You can also fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

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