Google AdWords biggest update : Expanded Text Ads (ETA)

27 July 2016
Google AdWords biggest update : Expanded Text Ads (ETA)

Google recently made one of the biggest updates to the AdWords platform since its inception 15 years ago, by introducing a new ad format : Expanded Text Ads (ETA).


In mid-February 2016, Google changed the way ads are presented on its search results page by permanently removing the ads on the right-hand side. More recently, Google released another update of the ad format including longer titles and descriptions and a new way to configure the Display URL.


This new ad format is a logical progression after Google’s decision to eliminate the right-column ad in February. Advertisers can now benefit from more space on the search result page to attract users’ attention. The new Expanded Text Ads format is also more mobile-friendly, further confirming Google’s dedication to standardize the experience across all platforms (e.g. mobile, desktop, tablet).


Available to all advertisers since July 26th 2016, the new ads are designed specifically with mobile users in mind. With nearly 50% more space for ad copy, advertisers are able to better target and connect with their customers, by creating richer and more personal messages in the micro-moments that matter most.


The Extended Text Ads provide additional fields to highlight unique selling points and calls-to-action. The new features include:


1. Double headlines

Two 30-character headlines instead of a single 25-character headline

2. Longer description line

A consolidated 80-character description line instead of two 35-character description lines.

3. Relevant Display URL

Instead of a manually entered Display URL, the domain of the Display URL is now automatically extracted, and you have the option to combine it with up to two path fields

4. Optimized for mobile

Expanded Text Ads are optimized for mobile, so you no longer need to create separate mobile text ads by selecting the Mobile Device Setting when creating or editing an ad
See below how Expanded Text Ads differ from Standard Text Ads:




By providing 45 additional characters, the Extended Text Ads allow you to better describe your products or services and set you apart from the competition. This is also an opportunity for you to fully review your ad copy and rewrite it to optimize use of the additional space. The main difference with the new ads is that you’re guaranteed two lines in the title, allowing you to have more control of your copy and be more creative with your messaging.
Another advantage is the potential increase in click-through rate (CTR) on your ads. Because the ads are now occupying more space on the search results page, Google anticipates an increase in click-through rate of nearly 20% compared to the old format.
Finally, companies that implement the Expanded Text Ads quickly will have a competitive advantage over their competitors that are still using the Standard Text Ads, because their ads will occupy more space and contain more information.




Take advantage of the allotted characters

The more information you can provide people, the better. By giving more detail, viewers will have a more comprehensive idea of what is being advertised which will lead to higher click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rates. If you already know that your Standard Text Ads perform better with specific information included — for example, prices, hours, or amenities — focus on that data and build your new ad copy around this information.


Get creative

Resist the temptation of just adding an extra headline to your existing Standard Text Ads. This is the time to rethink your ad, utilize the extra space, and communicate more effectively with your target audience. Essentially, the entire layout of search ads has changed, which means your ads should too. Now is your chance to get creative, and find a selling point or a call-to-action that makes your business or product stand out!


Soyez plus convaincants avec vos titres

Les deux titres sont les seuls endroits cliquables de vos annonces et ont donc une forte influence sur la performance de celles-ci. Faites des tests avec vos titres. Ils ont doublé en longueur et sont maintenant plus importants que la description, il faut s’assurer que le contenu de ceux-ci soit incitatif et pertinent.


Focus on headlines

Headlines are the only clickable portion of your ad and thus should be prioritized. They have now doubled in size and are far more prominent than the description below. Headlines should include enticing, valuable text to grab the attention of viewers thereby increasing your ads potential.


Ajustez votre paramètre de rotation d’annonces
Essayez d’utiliser l’optimiseur de clics ou l’optimiseur de conversions dans vos paramètres et laissez vos annonces Standard activées. De cette façon, vous aurez l’heure juste sur la performance de vos nouvelles annonces ETA en comparatif à vos annonces Standard et vice versa.


Show the way

With ETAs, you now have up to two 15-character URL path fields. Though these fields are optional, it is strongly recommended to use them to more accurately convey to the user what they will be redirected to. This kind of detail can make all the difference. These additional characters can integrate more relevant keywords to your ads, which will improve the quality score and the ROI.


Adjust ad rotation settings

Try using the optimize-for-clicks or optimize-for-conversions settings. That way, if one of your new Expanded Text Ads outperforms an older copy, it will serve more often and vice versa.


Revise ad extensions

Avoid overlapping information. With the extra space in your ad, you may find yourself including a current callout or a structured snippet in your ad text. Update your ad extensions to make sure you show different content that will give more information to your consumers.


Get on it quickly!

Since the Extended Text Ads are still really new there’s a big chance your competitors haven’t had the time to set them up yet. So get on it quickly to be able to stand out on the search results page and create a competitive edge.




    • SUMMER 2016 – JULY 26th: Expanded Text Ads available for all AdWords advertisers


    • FALL 2016 – OCTOBER : Advertisers will no longer able to create, upload or edit Standard Text Ads, but they will be able to continue to run alongside the Expanded Text Ads


    • LAST QUARTER 2016 – DECEMBER : Standard Text Ads will no longer be able to run

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