The importance of local AdWords

9 December 2014
The importance of local AdWords

5 advantages with local AdWords campaigns

  • Minimize wasteful clicks by only reaching the people in your area
  • Local information in ads will increase trust and clicks
  • Increased lead generation because people like using nearby companies
  • Traceability of clicks and conversions to evaluate which keywords work best
  • If you have several branch offices/stores you can reach each one with different ad information for the same keywords without competing against yourself.

Local AdWords Advertising – Generating Leads for Your Local Business

Are you a local company with local customers? Are you dependent on generating leads that ultimately turn in to actual customers? Would you like to increase your lead generation? Then a locally adapted campaign in AdWords is the perfect solution for you!

Make sure people can find you exactly when they need your services

It’s a known fact that most people search the internet before purchasing any product or service. The hunt for local products or services is no exception. In a first phase customers scan the web in search for the solution for a problem or for information about a product, trying to figure out exactly what it is they need or what options there are in their area of living. When the customer has matured and come to a stage where a purchase decision has been made, he or she will search the web again to find the supplier which seems the most attractive. At this moment it is extremely important to be easily found through a search on Google!

Optimization to increase lead generation

Not only is it important to be found for the keywords that are related to your services, but also to have attractive ads so people will click on them. Possibly the most crucial thing to achieve an increase of lead generation, however, is to have an optimized landing page. Firstly the landing page needs to contain information that is relevant to the need of the potential customer and provides a solution to their problem. Secondly the landing page has to provide an easy way for the customer to contact you; it can be through a phone number, a form or even direct purchase. It is not until they do this that we have created our lead or customer.

By using locally optimized campaigns the information in both the ad and on the landing page can be adapted to each target area. This will boost the trust for you company and increase lead generation. Exactly specifying your target area you will also minimize wasteful clicks to your website because only the people most likely to buy your services will see the ads.

Certified Google Partner

Our team of certified Google AdWords personnel will help you set up a local AdWords campaign for your local business, with guaranteed lead generation results.

Send in a request for a quote today and get a FREE KEYWORD RESEARCH (value $400). We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Our services for local AdWords campaigns include the following:
  • Advertising strategy for your business
  • Keyword research with estimation of monthly searches and costs
  • Specification of local geographic target area
  • Ad copy
  • Creation of optimized landing pages
  • Setup of conversion tracking
  • Optimization of bidding strategy
  • Monthly reporting and transparency
  • Local campaigns for each of your stores, offices or branches

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